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Free Solar Kit

Interested in our Free Solar Kit?

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About this Kit

Solar Panels

  • ECO FUTURE 250W Poly Crystaline High efficiency Panel
  • Aesthetically pleasing Blue cells with Silver frames
  • 10 Year product warranty
  • Large 25 year performance warranty

Prefer a different panel? Please talk to us.


  • Sola X 3.6KW Inverter
  • Aesthetically pleasing with wifi monitoring on computers, tablets & smart phones
  • 5 Year product warranty, 20 year extended warranty options available

Prefer a different Inverter? Please talk to us.

Mounting Systems

  • Renusol Varisole MCS approved rail systems
  • 10 Year product warranty

Price Summary

  • £100% FREE
  • Site survey 
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Scaffolding
  • Labour and Materials

*The 4KW Kit prices are based on 16 panels with a single tracker inverter on one South elevation, roof pitch 40 degrees, consumer at home 75% of the time with electric cost of 14p per KWhr with the FIT Payments removed as we keep this to return our investment.

Is it really 100% Free?

Yes -  we supply all the relevant products, materials and labour to provide your home with free electricity during daylight hours.

Why do we do this?

Reason 1 - We are a very green conscious company and are striving to help make the UK as energy self sufficient as possible whilst reducing C02 emissions; we all know electric and gas won't be here forever

Reason 2 - The return of investment on Solar PV is made up of 3 parts: saving on electricity, electricity put back into the grid and the governments incentive called the feed in tariff, whilst you keep the savings on electricity we keep the electricity you do not use and sell this back to the energy suppliers.  This gives a guaranteed income for 20 years and we generally make a return on our investment on year 12.

Don't forget you can keep all this if you prefer by investing yourself, you may even qualify for our flexible payment plans.