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  • Biomass Boiler
  • from £12,000
  • With a Biomass Boiler you could:
  • Save up to £650 on fuel costs per year
  • Earn up to £1800 on RHI payments per year for 7 years
  • Make your return on investment in around 5 Years
  • Initial outlay cost from £12,000
  • Green Deal Grants available
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Biomass Boilers

A Biomass system is a boiler that runs on Biomass pellets or Wood chips which are a source of renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels such as gas and oil. Customers are rewarded for installing these systems by annual payments via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and this can be anything from £1000 - £5000 per year for 7 years for a domestic home. when you add this amount to the amount of money you save by using Biomass pellets opposed to Oil for example the return on investment (ROI) can be as little 3/4 years making this in our opinion the best option on the market for supplying you with Heating & hot water.

Because the ROI is so quick even if customers wish to take finance on the system the system will still be paid off with in 7 years & all paid for by the RHI and the savings on the current fuel.

Another positive with Biomass is that there is minimal disruption to the property in most cases the boiler can simply connect to the existing system so with only a quick flush of the radiators nothing else is required.

There are many boilers on the market however our preferred manufacturers are ETA and Trianco.

Both have varied options available, some customers prefer a boiler that can be filled manually a few times a week & these are great for small boilers 10-15 kw & properties that are short of free space.

Customers with larger homes may prefer a boiler with a large capacity fuel storage in the grounds that can be filled direct from a delivery wagon a few times a year eliminating the chore of checking the system each day.

Both options vary in price but are all relative as the larger the system the more the RHI payments are and fuel savings so the ROI is generally the same. Our job at Green Deal Contracts is to ensure that you get the correct size boiler for your home, this is not just determined by characteristics such as size and insulation quality but also we look at how you use the property such as number of people in the home & your heating and hot water habits we do this by carrying out a Green Deal Advice report this helps us design the correct size biomass boiler for you to maximise your return.

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