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  • Free Commercial Biomass Boiler
  • No Upfront cost
  • With a Biomass Boiler...:
  • Save up to £3500 on fuel costs per year
  • Option to buy in to the RHI
  • Return on Investment in as little as 1 month
  • No initial outlay
  • Green Deal Grants available
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Free Commercial Biomass FAQ

What is a Biomass Boiler?

A Biomass boiler is a highly efficient way of burning organic fuels, such as wood pellets or logs, to produce heating and hot water. Burning biomass fuel is classed as carbon-neutral as it emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed while the plants were growing.

I don't qualify for a FREE boiler, can I still have one?

Yes, Green Deal Contracts Ltd can offer 100% commercial finance packages for most renewable energy measures. This may be suitable for companies that wish to keep the RHI payments. Smaller premises may be suitable for domestic Biomass.

How can you fit a biomass boiler for free?

We cover the full cost of surveying, installation and maintenance for the lifetime of the boiler. As there has never been more focus on CO2 emissions, the government backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) provides funding for generating the Biomass heating system. The payments through the RHI cover the costs, whilst you reap all the benefits of cheaper energy bills.

How much can I save with biomass?

As we provide the fuel, we make sure that the pellets are competitively priced. Our pricing structure is based on the model that you should never pay more than you already pay on your energy bills. At the moment the saving on wood pellets compared to oil/kerosene/LPG is 25% to 30%. Fossil fuel costs are erratic, more often than not outstripping inflation two to three times over. Therefore you could be saving up to 50% on fuel, plus the added savings and peace of mind that comes with the free maintenance service. And you haven't even paid for the installation!

If it's free, how do I know it's a good boiler?

Our most popular models are from Wood Energy Solutions, although we do work with other models that may better suit your individual requirements. All of our boilers will be provided with brand new guarantees and warranties. As our return on investment is directly linked to the energy generated, the more efficient and reliable boilers are, the better for everyone. That's why we also take care of all maintenance and servicing for the life of the boiler.

How about the waste from the biomass fuel?

Many of our Biomass boilers are self-cleaning. The small amounts of ash that remains will be cleared by our engineers on your next delivery.

Will my staff have to look after the boiler?

All of our boilers will be fully maintained and serviced by a fully qualified engineer. Most of our boiler models have an automated feeding system, which will feedback directly to us when it is ready to be refilled. We will arrange for fuel deliveries through our supplier network, at a subsidised price. All servicing and maintenance will be done at the same time.

What happens if something goes wrong with the boiler?

We understand that downtime is very time-sensitive, therefore our engineers are available round the clock to fix any issues as soon as possible. As our costs are covered by the RHI, a faulty boiler is a headache that affects us too. This is why we take great care in maintaining our products to keep them as reliable and efficient as possible.

Is FREE Biomass available for my home?

It is, as long as the energy usage is above £1,600 per annum and meets other qualifying criteria.

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How else can I save money with Green Deal Contracts?

Green Deal Contracts can install a number of renewable energy measures and help provide energy efficiency solutions to businesses and homes.

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Free Commercial Biomass FAQ

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