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  • Biomass Boiler
  • from £100
  • With a Biomass Boiler you could:
  • Save up to £650 on fuel costs per year
  • Earn up to £3800 on RHI payments per year for 7 years
  • Make your return on investment in as little as 1 month
  • Initial outlay cost from £100
  • Green Deal Grants available
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Boiler Share - Free Domestic Biomass


Green Deal Contracts, specialising in renewable technologies for domestic and commercial clients across the UK.

As pioneers of the ‘Free Solar’ product we have helped thousands of people across the country install Solar PV panels on their home and offices at no cost to them.

We strongly believe in ‘Green’ technology and ensure all of our products help the environment just as much as they help our end users. Our new Boiler Share has allowed us to expand our expertise and move into the domestic Biomass Boiler sector. This guide is designed to explain the Boiler Share product to current and prospective installers. We are keen to work with delivery partners all over the country to sell the Boiler Share product.

We have discussed Boiler Share at length with OFGEM and have already begun installing systems.

Our efforts allow customers to part-fund their domestic Biomass Boiler.

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

Boiler Share uses the recently launched Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive to cover the cost of installing Biomass Boilers in domestic properties. This government backed subsidy was created to encourage homeowners to switch to Biomass as a new and renewable heating source. The scheme pays eligible applicants on a quarterly basis over a 7-year period.

Our funding partners use these payments to cover the cost of using installers like yourselves to install Boilers on domestic properties in the UK.

Potential Market Size

We have enjoyed incredible success in the Solar PV market over the last 4 years and believe that Boiler Share can be even more successful. There are millions of homes in the UK that would see hugely reduced energy costs from the installation of a Biomass Boiler.

OFGEM (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets), the administrator of the dRHI (Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive), are fully committed to the scheme and have budgeted almost twice as much money for dRHI than they did for the Feed-in-Tariff. We have an extremely reliable funding partner which allows us to draw down funds as and when we need them to pay for completed, RHI accredited Biomass installations.

Why Boiler Share?

We have structured Boiler Share to differ from other funded install options on the Market.

We believe in providing renewable solutions across the country at no cost to the homeowner, but we have created Boiler Share to be even better. If a customer wants to take advantage of the dRHI payments they can. OFGEM rules state that the homeowner must make a financial contribution to the Boiler cost but we also allow a homeowner to contribute up to 50% of the Boiler cost and share in the dRHI payments with us.

As part of your commitment to our funder and the homeowner you must provide maintenance and annual servicing for 7 years from the date of installation.

We have created a separate ‘Maintenance, Security and Insurance’ (MSI) fund to cover the cost of these services.

Do we use a specific boiler?

No we don’t. We Install a number of different boiler from Trianco, WES, ETA & Hargassner this helps us choose a boiler that we know meets all of the heating requirements of the property. We are responsible for the maintenance of the Boiler so only high quality Boilers are used to ensure reliable performance. Our boiler are also stated on the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive product eligibility list.

Are there any special Boiler requirements?

The Boiler must be external from the property. We believe this will cause the least amount of disruption to the customers property and will be much easier to maintain and service on a yearly basis.
The installation must also have a provision to provide ‘instant’ heat and hot water to the property. We believe typical customers in the UK will be accustomed to the way in which a typical combi-Boiler operates. We don’t have any specific requirements for how ‘instant’ heat and hot water is provided, that is left to the installers discretion.

Do we have a recommended supplier for wood pellets or other Biomass product?

We are in negotiations with various partners currently to offer our network a preferred supplier for their customers – this will include recurring commission or set up commission passed to our installer network



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