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Understanding the Feed-in Tariff


The Feed in Tariffs (FITs) are payments made to system owners by energy companies as a reward for generating their own electricity.

The payments are: Tax Free, Index linked, Paid for a duration of 20 years. You could also receive an extra payment for any kWh generated in excess of the building's usage which is sold back to the national grid. In order to receive full FIT payments the system must be installed by a Micro Generation Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installer - which Green Deal Contracts are.The property must have an EPC certificate rating of D or above, unless exempt.

If the property has an EPC rating below D, a lower rate will be paid. If this is this case we can advise you on ways to lower your EPC, we may even have access to grants to help you with this.

For further information on the FIT Scheme, if you qualify and how to get set up please speak to one of our team today.

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