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Our Process for Solar Panel Installation

Our Process

Our simple no hassle process:

  1. Enter your details for a no-obligation free quote
  2. One of our friendly Solar panel Experts will be in touch within 24 hours to give you a quotation* If you want to go further our friendly solar panel surveyor will come to your home and survey your property.
  3. We will send you a no obligation quotation via email or post. (The quotation is subject to site survey)
  4. Should you accept our quotation, we will arrange our highly skilled Scaffolding and Installation Teams to carry out installation of your system.
  5. One of our qualified electricians will run through all the paper work with you, so you can receive your Feed in Tariff Payments.
  6. We will supply you with your Customer Handover Pack - and that's it! You are now generating free electricity during daylight hours, earning tax free cash - all whilst saving the planet at the same time.

Cost Examples

The average 4KW Domestic system costs between £5000- £8000 to install. Our Domestic systems range in size from 1kw (4 Panels)  to 4kw (16 Panels); the more panels you, have the more electricity you can generate.

Please note the number of panels you can have installed is dependent on the size of your roof and various other factors.

Typical Example

A 4kw south facing array can generate approximately £375.00 worth of electric every year.

You will get paid for electricity that you do not use which is called Export Earnings - which is estimated at £85.19 per year. You also get paid for every KWh of electric your system generates by the Governments' Feed in Tariff (FiT). This would be approximately £496.00.

This amounts to an estimated £966.19 per year which is index linked: for example year 4 is £1045 and  year 20 is £1672.00.

solar PV Payback Analysis

See our graph above based on a south facing 4kw system, 40 Degree roof pitch, in South Yorkshire using 75% of the electricity generated in the home, purchased for £6950.00 including VAT.

View our case studies or get in touch for more information and to begin your application.