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Alternatives to Double Glazing

If you can't install double glazing - for example if you live in a conservation area, period property, or listed building - you can install secondary glazing, use heavy curtains, or do both.

Secondary glazing

A secondary pane of glass and frame can be fitted inside the existing window reveal. This won't be as well sealed as a double-glazing unit, but will be much cheaper to fit, and will still save energy - you could save about £100 a year on fuel bills. Low emissivity glass will improve the performance of secondary glazing.

Secondary glazing kits are available for the proficient DIYer to install themselves - these cuts down on costs and are a non-intrusive way of insulating your windows.

Heavy curtains, sealed blinds and shutters

Curtains lined with a layer of heavy material can reduce heat loss from a room through the window at night and cut draughts. Hollow blinds, fitted into place with a sealed frame, and sealed shutters will also help cut draughts and keep your heat in for longer.

Installing energy-efficient glazing

Before installing double glazing, check with your local planning office if you:

  • live in a conservation area
  • have an article 4 direction on your property, removing the right of permitted development
  • Have a listed building.

Most people will have double glazing fitted professionally.

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